Why should we have a vision, mission, and values

Because without Vision, Mission and Values it would be easier for our family to stray from the proposed course. And this, as a result, would be reflected in the management of our assets, legacy, and business.

Because it ensures that the Values of the founders and the family be preserved and passed on.

Because it organizes the family vision, the desires, the values, and expectations, not just for the current generation, but also for those who come after us.

Because during hard times, the Vision, Mission, and Values unite us, motivate us, and remind the family of a sense of purpose, equally important for the business managers.

Vision, mission, and family values


• Perpetuate the values and  legacy to future generations.



• Be committed to the vision, mission and values.

• Promote the development of  human and intellectual capital of the family members.

• Reach and maintain the family’s well-being in the emotional plan.

• Reach and maintain the financial independence of each member with responsability.

• Be comitted to strategic goals (BSC)


• Love

• Integrity

• Humility

• Trust

• Respect

• Entrepreneur soul

• Discipline and consistency

• Family balance

• Social Responsability

Vision, mission, and company values


• To be reference in the wealth management.


• Accomplish a management that smoothes the wealth succession to future generations.

• Preserve and increase the equity of Puras Family Office, meeting the expectations of the interested parties and respecting the values of the company.

• Be comitted to strategic goals (BSC).


• Take on risk in a calculated, monitorated and efficiently way

• Team spirit with a long term vision

• Committed and fulfilled professionals

• Discipline and consistency in decision making

• Economic, social and environmental sustainability

• Integrity

• Meritocracy

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