About us

Puras FO is a Single Family Office with trained professionals, both in-house and outsourced, that are dedicated to the management of the investments, the legacy, and the collective needs of individuals in our family.

Our strategy is to centralize the coordination of these relationships, instead of creating fragmented relations with several private banks, wealth managers and other service providers. This way, we manage family affairs in a more efficient way, building equity and sustaining a legacy for future generations.

With the globalization of investments, the technological advances, and the ever faster market changes, we believe that the creation of our own Single Family Office model contributes to greater efficacy of the work we are doing.


Puras FO is much more than a private investment office. We coordinate and promote business sustainability along with the sustainability of our heritage and estate, philanthropic activities and personal passions.

What we do:

• business and investment control and personal services;
• personalization of services and benefits;
• effective coordination and management of outsourced suppliers;
• purchasing leverage and cost savings;
• focus dedicate to the need and demands of the family business;
• successful integration of investments, passions, and philanthropic causes;
• family unity and legacy sustainability;
• development of vision, mission and values.

The three spheres of governance

We know that financial capital only grows and is perpetuated is the family adds initiative geared toward the development of human and intellectual capital.

Therefore, Puras FO develops solutions in the three spheres of governance:

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