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Puras FO has internal and outsourced professionals that are trained and focused on our needs, offering much more that an investment office.

The coordinate and promote the sustainability of our inheritance, heritage, philanthropic initiatives, education of family members, and family services, among others.

Our team of specialists formulates and executes a plan that includes a holistic view of family and future generations, with measurable benchmarks and goals to ensure our success.

Hermes Gazzola

CEO and Founder of Puras FO
Founded Puras when he was only 21 years old. Over 30 year he transformed the operation into the largest Brazilian corporate meals company, with revenue of over USD 700 million on 2011. That year, it merged with the Grupo Sedexo, participating in the business integration process.
With a degree in Business Administration from Unisinos and an MBA in Enterprise Management from the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Hermes Gazzola built a business philosophy with a vision, mission and values truly practices by his team, a team that became a model of process management.
Committed to the development of the society where he operated, he is president of the Collective Meal Bank, the Gaúcho Foundation of Social Banks, and vice-president of the NGO network Parceiros Voluntários.

Felipe Bressani

Managing Director
Works at Puras FO since it was founded. He is responsible for the investment area of the Family Office. He worked on the operations table of the Porto Alegre branch of Concórdia Corretora de Valores (Brokerage House). Later, he became partner and operator of Research Investimentos for a three year period. He graduated in Accounting from UFRGS and Financial Planner certified by FPSB. Has the certification of CGA ANBIMA.

Ana Paula Moura

Family Governance responsable
With a degree in business administration from UFRGS, and a graduate degree in finance from Universidad del Pais Vasco (Spain).
She began her career at Gerval DTVM as a liquidation and custody analyst and moved up to the role of financial advisor, where show worked for five years.

 Eva Regina

Executive Secretary
Executive secretary at Puras FO, Eva Regina has 27 years' experience with company Puras, where she has worked as coordinator of the Supplies department and executive secretary.

Ana Laura Reinert

Investment Analyst
Responsible for the follow up of investments in financial assets.
Previously , she worked in the corporate banking sector.
She holds a degree in Economics from UFRGS.

Janine Bolico

Back Office staff
Responsible for accounts payable and labor relations.
She worked in Puras do Brasil for 10 years performing different activities in labor relations area.

Talisse Silva da Rosa

Accounting Coordinator
Responsible for the accounting entries of family and company.
Previously , he worked in the corporate banking sector.
She holds a degree in Accounting from UFRGS.

Pâmela Romani

Accounting analyst
Responsible for the accounting entries of family and company.
She holds a degree in Accounting from UFRGS.

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