Asset Management

The investment structure that manages the capital of Puras FO included a variety of financial opportunities. The objective is to optimize the invested capital at strategically established rates in the real economy and in the financial markets, both in Brazil and abroad.

The investments are made in several asset classes through different vehicles, with risk levels and liquidity management. Our investment plan is reviewed annually and reconciles policies with the goal levels of risk and return.

The management of financial resources is under the guidance of independent managers (banks) that share the coordination of the strategic plan devised by Puras FO with the internal team.

Where We Allocate Our Investments

Fixed Income

The investments in fixed income seek to maintain the liquidity of the capital for opportunities that might arise in other asset classes, but keeping yields at market levels.  The order in this asset class is diversification, especially by issuer, thus mitigating credit risk.

Instruments such as CRIs(Certificates of Real Estate Receivables), LCIs ( Real Estate Credit Notes), LCAs(Agribusiness Credit Notes), financial notes, repurchase agreements, CDBs (Certificate of Bank Deposits), DPGEs (Time Deposits with Special Warranty), government bonds, etc.

Private Equity

Private Equity Funds

In this asset class, investments are made in businesses from different sectors, seeking a return in a six to ten year horizon through management diversification or in the capital markets. The focus is on co-investments that better optimize resources.

Direct Investments

Direct investments are planned for sectors that allow national consolidation and/or significant growth, supported by entrepreneurial enterprise management based on the Quality method. Participation in the companies will be through controlling or minority share ownership, but always looking to be part of the controlling block.

Real Estate

Mostly investments in areas available for commercial and residential development.

Hedge Funds

Investments in hedge fundss seek to provide capital yields in any market situation. This type of investment is made using special managers, that seek to provide monetary yields with variances in exchange rates, interests, stocks, or any other asset class that is considered attractive.


Mutual funds

The investments in this asset class are made by managers that have a long term vision and good asset concentration, with a value oriented philosophy. They seek capital yields by choosing companies that have a market value that is below its intrinsic level.

Where Are Our Investments

Financial Assets

Mutual Fund

Hedge Fund

Fixed income securities

Private Equity, Real State

Retail / education


Real State

Direct Investiments


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